About me

At CTZuid in Amstelveen (and Online) I offer psycho-social support and counseling to expats. I am from Denmark and have been an expat more than half of my life, and so the expat community is natural for me to work with, so interesting and diverse.

Growth and struggle is part of the human experience (regardless of who we are or how many times we move)  the “what, when and how we got entangled”  however is unique to the individual. We all have fascinating stories, and I feel very privileged to be there for a small part of my clients’ journeys. My own story is not an uninteresting one either, but this is not the right place. However, I know what it is like to struggle, to strike out, feel lost, heal childhood wounds and everything that comes with that. It is quite the process!

I do believe a good therapeutic relationship and having a safe space with compassion to work through your challenges without judgement really helps facilitate positive change. Alternatively, staying isolated with a problem can mean that certain aspects of your life will continue to be ruled by it and maybe even get worse.  When dysfunctional patterns and beliefs are repressed they persist and prevent us from thriving. And by the way, if you subscribe to those, they were most likely modeled for you or the dysfunction you experience may also well be an adaptation to a toxic environment in the past. Luckily, it is never too late and you can grow where you are.

In this field, I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling (with emphasis in Community) from American Webster University, and through the years (a decade now) I have continued to deepen my knowledge, grow and learn new skills. I have done so working under supervision from the beginning (and still am). It is incredibly valuable in every aspect of this work as a facilitator of change and I am truly grateful for that relationship.

Growth and change to the practice is also shaped by external events, especially the past years with the lockdowns. It has been a time of instability, restrictions, anger, despair, loss of connection and fear. It was a lot to deal with and some are still suffering the after-math. At the same time we are also beginning to see the effects of a toxic social media culture and the stress caused by a constant invasion of notifications and ads. Society as we knew it is changing and at times it can be difficult to see the positives. So, among other topics I have explored different ways to keep your mind clean as well as gotten inspired to dive deeper into the meaning and importance of community to our wellbeing. As a result I am now engaged in more social projects and events that help people connect, feel stronger and integrate where they are. By coming together across cultures we help make visible all the know-how, support and resources we can offer each other once we get a little organized.