About me

GitteMy ambition with CTZuid has always been to make counseling accessible to you and hopefully remove some of the stigma. Growth and struggle is part of the human experience, the “what and when” is unique to the individual and so I strive to provide counseling across the lifespan. I’d like you to feel that your situation is important no matter what your age and background is. Staying isolated with your problem can mean that your life will continue to be ruled by old, unproductive and sometimes dysfunctional patterns and behaviors preventing you from living the life you want.

In my practice I use an integrated approach which might include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused brief therapy and psycho-dynamic counseling; it depends on the client and the issue(s) we are working on. The therapy also entails the use of different techniques which will help you progress. I do not undertake psychological testing nor prescribe medication. Herefore, you need a specialized psychologist or a psychiatrist. Further, although I do work with assessments my focus is not to produce a psychiatric diagnosis unless it is required by a third party (i.e. your insurance company).

Academically, I have earned my Masters in Counseling with American Webster University, and my clinical practice includes men and women aged 25-65 and young people with emotional and behavioral problems in international school environments. I work with both expats and Dutch clients. My Dutch is reasonably good, so if you are Dutch and understand English we can work together easily.