How does it work?

The Intake session is our first meeting and can be longer than a normal session. Apart from introductions, getting acquainted and covering what brought you to therapy we will also cover the framework for counseling and informed consent. The intake is usually also the beginning of the assessment which can take a couple of sessions to complete. Not because it is a slow process but because you are more complex than you might think. Many find the Intake to be quite therapeutic in the sense that they finally begin to name what is bothering them which can release a lot of stress. Feeling compassion, being heard and understood also helps alleviate stress and concerns.

During the first sessions we focus on developing a good understanding of the presenting problem, identify underlying issues as well as root causes which helps set realistic goals and determine how best to reach them.

The first meeting can seem a little overwhelming to some and you might not know where to start. That is alright, the only thing you have to do is share. We will explore the complexity of your situation together and soon enough we will be able to see what will work for you in terms of approach and processing time. Further, if priorities or circumstances change we adapt. Change is a dynamic process and working on ourselves is rarely a linear process.

Please note: that I do not undertake psychological testing, diagnosing nor prescribe medication.
You need to see a specialized psychologist or a psychiatrist for that.

Due to the natural limitations of a small private practice, and at times great geographical distance,
I cannot work with you if you are suffering a psychiatric disorder, suicidal ideation or heavy dependence on any drug causing you not to function in your day-to-day. In these cases, you must seek specialized assistance via your GP.